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  ; Welcome to the very unofficial dotemacs home
  ; This site tries to be a source for information about 
  ; customizing Emacs.
  ; You will find:
  ; - links to basic information about customizing emacs
  ; - a collection of Emacs dotfiles contributed to this site
  ; - a collection of links to Emacs dotfiles on the web
  ; - some articles about special topics concerning customization
  ; This is no "get a customization and go with it" resource.
  ; Todays Emacs has a build in customization feature which is 
  ; used by all current packages and which is easy to use, but 
  ; if you want to learn elisp, enhancing your dotfile with 
  ; useful pieces of code might be a good start and motivation 
  ; to learn more about Emacs and elisp.
  ; You should know what you are doing or at least try to 
  ; understand what others have done if you use parts of the 
  ; customizations available here or elsewhere.  
  ; Customizing Emacs is an everlasting game, so have fun ;)
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