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The Emacs wiki
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Aditions for your Emacs dotfile to get colorized syntactical elments in 
;; wsmake configuration files. 
;; Done by defining a simple generic mode for them.
;; Wsmake is a free website pre-processor available at
;; It includes a parser that handles page ordering, tag substitution, and
;; dependency checking. You can use wsmake with any type of web content, from
;; PHP to XML or even your own computer language.

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Load font-lock to get syntax hilighting and set it to maximum colors
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
(require 'font-lock)

;; as much colours as possible 
(setq font-lock-maximum-decoration
  '((t         . 3))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Load generic and define a simple generic mode for ws-files
;; The regular expression for the attributes is not yet complete. 
;; If you feel that there is something missing, please add it :)
;; The attributes regexpr is one long string, broken down into separate 
;; lines by using the continuation character \ at the end.
;; Please don't indent the lines or format them otherwise. The regexp 
;; won't work as expected if you add spaces or tabs.
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
(require 'generic)
(define-generic-mode 'wsmake-generic-mode
   ;; comments
   (list ?#)
   ;; sections
   ;; attributes
     ("^\\([ \t]*\\)\\(SubTag\\|web_page\\|directory\\|source_dir\\|output_dir\\|part_dir\\|command\\|options\\|depend\\|include\\|include_tagname\\|subtag_format\\|database_format\\|database_filename\\|theme\\|parse\\|depend\\|web_page\\|pagegroup\\|subtaggroup\\|pageorder\\|name\\|filename\\|part\\|data\\|lastmod_tagname\\|time_format\\|subtag_format\\)\\([ \t]+\\|[ \t]*$\\)" 2 'font-lock-variable-name-face)
   ;; extensions
   (list "\\.ws\\'" )
   "Generic mode for wsmake configuration files.")

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