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;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;;                       Y O U R   . E M A C S   F I L E 
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; As I've mentioned, this could be your entry on the unofficial .emacs page.
;;; You are welcome to distribute your configuration file to other people who
;;; are looking for solutions for their emacs configuration problems.
;;; BUT:
;;; I'd like to set up a few rules which will make your .emacs more useful
;;; for the comunity:
;;; 1) Give us a header describing the key features of your .emacs
;;; 2) Give us some comments on the parts which are difficult to understand
;;;    for novices or people who are no elisp programmers
;;; 3) Give us a link to every package you use in your .emacs which isn't 
;;;    part of the standard distribution of emacs
;;; 4) If you use a snippet of another .emacs, give the author a credit.
;;;    Everybody likes to see that other people honor her/his efforts.
;;; If you don't like this rules, I'm sorry, because these informations would
;;; really help all the people taking a look at your .emacs.
;;; I'm not quite sure wether my own published .emacs fulfills all these rules,
;;; but I'm working hard on this :)
;;; Nevertheless I'll publish every emacs which drops in, because even a bad
;;; documented .emacs is better than nothing :))
;;; Go ahead, publish your configuration !
;;; Thanks in advance from all emacs users who use parts of your .emacs 

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