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;; -*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-
;; -*- lisp -*-
;; Default emacs classes

;; Automaticly insert these include files when found in c++ file
(defvar project-include-classes '(
   (("QLabel") "<qlabel.h>")
   (("QSplitter") "<qsplitter.h>")
   (("QLayout" "QHBoxLayout" "QVBoxLayout" "QBoxLayout" "QGridLayout") "<qlayout.h>")
   (("QFrame") "<qframe.h>")
   (("QDate" "QDateTime" "QTime") "<qdatetime.h>")
   (("QPixmap") "<qpixmap.h>")
   (("QString") "<qstring.h>")
   (("QStringList") "<qstringlist.h>")
   (("QPainter") "<qpainter.h>")
   (("QGroupBox") "<qgroupbox.h>")
   (("QApplication") "<qapplication.h>")
   (("qDebug" "qWarning" "qFatal" "qInstallMsgHandler" "qSysInfo" "ASSERT" "CHECK_PTR" "qAddPostRoutine") "<qglobal.h>" )
   (("QBrush") "<qbrush.h>")
   (("QButton") "<qbutton.h>")
   (("QCheckBox") "<qcheckbox.h>")
   (("QColor") "<qcolor.h>")
   (("QPalette" "QColorGroup") "<qpalette.h>")
   (("QComboBox") "<qcombobox.h>")
   (("QDialog") "<qdialog.h>")
   (("QDir") "<qdir.h>")
   (("QEvent" "QMouseEvent" "QMoveEvent" "QFocusEvent" "QKeyEvent" "QPaintEvent" "QResizeEvent" "QTimerEvent") "<qevent.h>")
   (("QFile") "<qfile.h>")
   (("QFileInfo") "<qfileinfo.h>")
   (("QFont") "<qfont.h>")
   (("QFontInfo") "<qfontinfo.h>")
   (("QFontMetrics") "<qfontmetrics.h>")
   (("QHeader" "header()") "<qheader.h>")
   (("QImage") "<qimage.h>")
   (("QLineEdit") "<qlineedit.h>")
   (("QList" "QListIterator") "<qlist.h>")
   (("QListBox" "QListBoxItem" "QListBoxPixmap" "QListBoxTexT") "<qlistbox.h>")
   (("QListView" "QListViewItem") "<qlistview.h>")
   (("QMessageBox") "<qmessagebox.h>")
   (("QMainWindow") "<qmainwindow.h>")
   (("menuBar\\(\\)" "QMenuBar") "<qmenubar.h>")
   (("QMultiLineEdit") "<qmultilinedit.h>")
   (("QObject" "Q_OBJECT") "<qobject.h>")
   (("QPaintDevice") "<qpaintdevice.h>")
   (("QPen") "<qpen.h>")
   (("QPicture") "<qpicture.h>")
   (("QPoint") "<qpoint.h>")
   (("QPopupMenu") "<qpopupmenu.h>")
   (("QPrinter") "<qprinter.h>")
   (("QPushButton") "<qpushbutton.h>")
   (("QRadioButton") "<qradiobutton.h>")
   (("QRect") "<qrect.h>")
   (("QRegExp") "<qregexp.h>")
   (("QRegion") "<qregion.h>")
   (("QScrollBar") "<qscrollbar.h>")
   (("QScrollView") "<qscrollview.h>")
   (("QSignal") "<qsignal.h>")
   (("QSize") "<qsize.h>")
   (("QSlider") "<qslider.h>")
   (("QSpinBox") "<qspinbox.h>")
   (("QStack") "<qstack.h>")
   (("statusBar()" "QStatusBar") "<qstatusbar.h>")
   (("QTableView") "<qtableview.h>")
   (("QTextStream") "<qtextstream.h>")
   (("QTimer") "<qtimer.h>")
   (("QToolBar") "<qtoolbar.h>")
   (("QToolButton") "<qtoolbutton.h>")
   (("toolTipGroup()" "QToolTip" "QToolTipGroup") "<qtooltip.h>")
   (("QWhatsThis") "<qwhatsthis.h>")
   (("QWidget") "<qwidget.h>")
   (("QWidgetStack") "<qwidgetstack.h>")
   (("QWindow") "<qwindow.h>")
   (("QWMatrix") "<qwmatrix.h>")
   (("QArray") "<qarray.h>")
   (("QVector") "<qvector.h>")
   (("qHeapSort" "qBubbleSort" "qSwap" "qCopy") "<qtl.h>")
   (("Qt::") "<qnamespace.h>")
   (("QDict" "QDictIterator") "<qdict.h>")
   (("QAsciiDict") "<qasciidict.h>")
   (("QIntDict") "<qintdict.h>")
   (("QPtrDict") "<qptrdict.h>")
   (("QCollection") "<qcollection.h>")
   (("QAsciiCache" "QAsciiCacheIterator") "<qasciicache.h>")
   (("QMap" "QMapIterator" "QMapConstIterator") "<qmap.h>")
   (("QMotifStyle") "<qmotifstyle.h>")
   (("QCDEStyle") "<qcdestyle.h>")
   (("QWindowsStyle") "<qwindowsstyle.h>")
   (("QPlatinumStyle") "<qplatinumstyle.h>")
   (("QValidator") "<qvalidator.h>")
   (("QValueList") "<qvaluelist.h>")

;; New classes for Qt 2.2.0 or higher
;; Canvas
   (("QCanvas" "QCanvasView" "QCanvasItem"
     "QCanvasText" "QCanvasSprite" "QCanvasPolygonalItem"
     "QCanvasEllipse" "QCanvasLine" "QCanvasPolygon" "QCanvasRectangle") "<qcanvas.h>")
;; Iconview
   (("QIconView" "QIconViewItem") "<qiconview.h>")
;; Network
   (("QSocket") "<qsocket.h>")
   (("QServerSocket") "<qserversocket.h>")
   (("QDns") "<qdns.h>")
   (("QNetworkProtocol" "QNetworkOperation") "<qnetworkprotocol.h>")
   (("QFtp") "<qftp.h>")
   (("QLocalFs") "<qlocalfs.h>")
   (("QUrlOperator") "<qurloperator.h>")
   (("QUrl") "<qurl.h>")
;; OpenGL
   (("QGL" "QGLWidget" "QGLContext" "QGLFormat") "<qgl.h>")
;; Table
   (("QTable" "QTableItem") "<qtable.h>")
;; Workspace
   (("QWorkspace") "<qworkspace.h>")
;; XML
   (("QXmlReader" "QXmlSimpleReader" "QXmlInputSource" "QXmlAttributes" "QXmlLocator" "QXmlNamespaceSupport"
     "QXmlDefaultHandler" "QXmlContentHandler" "QXmlDTDHandler" "QXmlErrorHandler" "QXmlEntityResolver" "QXmlDeclHandler" "QXmlLexicalHandler")
   (("QDomNode" "QDomAttr" "QDomCharacterDate" "QDomDocument" "QDomComment" "QDomText" "QDomDocumentFragment" "QDomDocumentType" "QDomElement" "QDomEntity" "QDomEntityReference" "QDomNotation" "QDomProcessingInstruction" "QDomCDATASection" "QDomNodeList" "QDomNamedNodeMap" "QDomImplementation") "<qdom.h>")
;; Thread
   (("QThread" "QSemaphore" "QMutex" "QWaitCondition") "<qthread.h>")
;; Div
   (("QAction" "QActionGroup") "<qaction.h>")
   (("QGuardedPtr") "<qguardedptr.h>")
  "A list of classes connected to an include file known to project")

(defvar project-include-params    (list
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QWidget"
				   "QWorkSpace")) "$")
	 "QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0"
	 "QWidget *parent, const char *name"
	 "parent, name")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QDialog"
				   "QProgressDialog")) "$")
	 "QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0, bool modal = FALSE, WFlags f = 0"
	 "QWidget *parent, const char *name, bool modal, WFlags f"
	 "parent, name, modal, f")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QGrid")) "$")
	 "int n, Direction dir, QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0, WFlags f = 0"
	 "int n, Direction dir, QWidget *parent, const char *name, WFlags f"
	 "n, dir, parent, name, f")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QGLWidget")) "$")
	 "QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0, const QGLWidget *shareWidget = 0, WFlags f = 0"
                                         "QWidget *parent, const char *name, const QGLWidget *shareWidget, WFlags f"
                                         "parent, name, shareWidget, f")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QMainWindow")) "$")
	 "QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0, WFlags f = WType_TopLevel"
	 "QWidget *parent, const char *name, WFlags f"
	 "parent, name, f")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QToolBar")) "$")
	 "const QString &label, QMainWindow *, QMainWindow::ToolBarDock = QMainWindow::Top, bool newLine = false, const char *name = 0"
	 "const QString &label, QMainWindow *main, QMainWindow::ToolBarDock dock , bool newLine, const char *name"
	 "label, main, dock, newLine, name")
   (list (concat "^" (regexp-opt '("QNPWidget")) "$")

;; This example shows how to add classes in a .emacs-classes file.

(defvar project-stl-classes    '( 
   (("cout" "cin") "<iostream.h>")
   (("ifstream" "ofstream" "fstream") "<fstream.h>")
   (("auto_ptr") "memory")
   (("string") "<string>")

(project-add-include-list project-stl-classes)

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