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The Emacs wiki

This emacs config is primarily designed for C/C++ programming.

Unknown version:
  • C/C++ highlighting, indenting and general feeling.
  • QT and tmake support ( QT highlighting and extra keywords and tmake projects )
  • Several completion methods: Abbrev, recencly used words and hippie expandability
  • Mouse wheel support.
  • Keyboard improvements: Save, load, compile, kill, indent etc..
  • Store backup files in a .backups directory instead of in the same dir as the file.
  • Autoinserting of known filetypes( C/C++ and tmake templates )
  • Timestamping of files.
  • Line & column number mode
  • Pc selection mode ( Shift + arrow keys to select, shift/ctrl insert delete)
  • Better compilation mode. ( smaller window and auto save etc.. )
  • Desktop support. ( Allows saving of all files including their cursor pos ).
  • Internal changes to make it run on XEmacs (again :), and it seems to work with NT-Emacs too, unfortunately a lot of things are disabled in XEmacs and NT-Emacs at the moment.
  • ibuffer in options menu
  • Uncomment comments with Alt u
  • M-d to set British dictionary
  • M-a to set American dictionary
  • M-n to set Norwegian dictionary
  • M-p to let flyspell check the buffer
  • The option file is saved to .xemacs-options if XEmacs is used.
  • More auto include classes, including most new Qt classes from 2.2.0
  • Added "Create Custom Files" to project menu, this allows for creating customized autoinsert files in the project directory amongst other things. Put yourself in a directory and choose "Create Custom Files" from the menu, you will then get a directory called .autoinsert which is a copy of your standard autoinsert directory, edit this files to get custom looks on a specific project. You will also get a file called .emacs-custom and .emacs-vars, edit these files to suit your needs.
  • New autoinsert file for PHP coding.
  • Updated PHP mode which can handle "foreach" better.
  • More robust initialization, will not fail to init if some packages are missing
  • More flexible autoinsert mechanism, will look for the auto-insert directory in a more dynamic matter dependening on the state.
  • New configuration system, you can now save a global and local config file of how you want emacs too be, you can also specify which packages to start. More options will come later.
  • Updated site-lisp files to newer versions.
  • Menuitem for recently opened files
  • Rectangular marking with highlight and mouse support
  • Revive mode, (enhanced desktop mode), saves window properties as well.(see under project/session menu)
  • History saving, now saves a lot of history buffers on exit and loads them on init
  • Better scrolling when using page-up and page-down, the cursor now stays in place
  • Font menu moved to Shift Right Mouse
  • Can specify default font to use(see .emacs-d-vars)
  • Highlight current line mode added and updated color styles to set the color
  • Auto revert mode, automaticly reverts buffers every 5 seconds(if they aren't modified and has changed on disk).
  • Cursor blinking
  • Crontab mode
  • CSS mode included and bound to .css files
0.7.1 and later:
  • Improved PHP mode
  • More features to C++ class generation. Sets up default paramters to constructor depending on what class you inherit from.
  • Automatic conversion from #include statements to forward class declarations, the class is searched for in the include file which can be specified in the project or in a global search path.
  • Some changes to the keys so that people without windows keys can use them too.
  • More advanced completions.
  • Easier Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo operations(Ctrl-X,Ctrl-Y,Ctrl-V,Ctrl-Z)
  • Folding of text by default
  • Color styles
  • Tmake mode
  • And much more I don't remember, there's probably a lot of unused code there too.
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