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The Emacs wiki
2002-06-16  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.2.0 RC2
	HTML is now XHTML compliant
	Created ~/emacs/contrib/web directory for web equivalent of local docs
	Tested web links with new cleaned out CVS-web on
	Now supports EmacsWiki search
	EMacro is now properly spelled in blue!

2002-06-04  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.2.0 RC1
	Cleaned up html
	EMacro logo is now a smaller, politically correct jpg and Mozilla
	Deleted the original higher image quality gif
	Created ~/emacs/docs/images subdirectory 
	e-config.el: Corrected version check for no network
2002-05-20  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.18 beta
	Better version checking includes X/Emacs, beyond EMacro, itself.
	Version check now goes into splash screen.
	Re-enabled tiny-url in e-xemacs.el

2002-05-18  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.17 beta
	Fixed initial frame in e-xemacs
	Gnuserv now works better for XEmacs
	Simplified e-config.el condition-case to simple `which ps`
	e-config now checks version and prompts appropriately for a download
	Renamed release_procedures from .txt to .html

2002-05-03  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.16 beta
	Help menu browsing now works in text mode
	Fixed and tested e-refresh.bat
	Fixed bug in e-w32, so it doesn't fail, when no shells like cygwin
	are available.
2002-04-28  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.16 alpha
	Found backup code that blew up under gnuserv on w32 emacs
	Fixed unix/e-install shell for e-refresh PATH
	Now prints version msgs at top of preference files
	Disabled code to set background color, although it looks good for
	  almost all systems (ugly for one, but not all rh7.2 gui cases)
	Fixed use-height bug, which forced a restart
	Support for Mac OS extended fonts

2002-03-23  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.15 beta
	Renamed emacs.html to more descriptive resources.html
	Disabled scrollbars in e-macs.el; now works for OS X console
	Reworked w32 gnuserv code in e-macs.el
	Added "untested code" messages to w32 batch files, after
	e-refresh.bat failed

2002-03-06  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.15 alpha
	Updated documentation in solutions.html
	e-refresh now deletes ~/.emacs.elc, if present
	Updated e-c.el and e-programmer.el to support new cc-mode
	Tested gnuserv on w98
	Moved XEmacs toolbar toggle to Options menu
	Fixed forward delete key in XEmacs. Broken by defcustom().
	Users can now completely replace e-preload.el and e-postload.el, as
	  long as the files exist.

2002-03-05  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.14 beta
	Corrected Copyright notices including email addresses
	Added ocaml support
	Fixed and tested gnuserv support on w32 Emacs

2002-02-27  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.14 alpha
	Added EOL after appending csharp to e-*cache.el
	Removed spurious (defconst cache-recentf t) from e-net.el
	Fixed annoyance with default-frame-plist setting height under XEmacs.
	Fixed code, so that color-theme users also set height. Seemed to
	be working already, but code now makes sense.
	Updated most documentation.
	Tested on Mac OS classic (v8-9)
	Word wrap can be turned on or off via Customize for html modes.

2002-02-26  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.13 beta
	e-macs.el: enabled imenu mode-hook; users should be >v20.3 by now
	Removed e-custom.el, to fix font-lock in c-mode and c++-mode
	Neither e-custom.el nor e-xcustom.el are required to exist
	load-path is now a defcustom(). This now makes it possible to use
	EMacro, without writing a single line of elisp

2002-02-22  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.13 alpha
	Fixed e-macs.el, so that it works with both server.el and	gnuserv.el
	Suppressed most spurious bytecompile warnings, when *.el files are
	compiled individually.
	Squashed many small bugs to prepare for 2.2 release.
	Scripts are now saved with chmod +x
	Documentation (tips, solutions, links, etc.) has been updated.
	Added simple support for perldoc.el
	Changed defcustom of scrollbar, as only setq() moves it to right.

2002-02-17  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.12 beta
	Defcustom support. Checked with Jan Borsodi, and deleted e-option.el
	Removed use-home. Same as (dirname emacro-top-dir)
	Cleaned up e-xml.el
	First version to support
	Need to add version for XEmacs help menu
	Need to debug w32 gnuserv problem.

2002-01-26  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.12 alpha
	Overdue addition of Furlan Primus to credits.html
	All files namespaces begin with e-*; updated manifest.html
	Updated scripts to reflect new e-*.el names
	Moved files that were not being maintained, to contrib:	e-palm.el, i18n
	Changed nonmac.el into e-linux.el
	Version now appears under Help in menu
	Moved out unused i18n code in e-net.el and e-common.el into
	respective contrib/e-china.el, e-europe.el and e-japan.el

2002-01-05  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.11 beta
	Commented out new TeX-command-list, as programmer.el didn't load right.
	Fixed bin scripts for directory change. They are now hardwired to
	the HOME directory.
	Furlan Primus fixed all *.bat files in bin/windows/ and added
	unix2dos. Note that dos batch files hate unix \n.
	~/emacs/bin/windows/install.bat may need further testing.
	Removed ver.el. Support for old emacsen is gone.
	Some files in contrib were removed or renamed.
	Suppressed further bytecompile warnings
	Added RedHat 7.2 Emacs 21.1 upgrade docs
	Changed preferences/x_custom.el from 12pt to 9pt
	Default letter paper size now in preferences
	Restored regular printer name into preferences
	Moved frame size code to top of emacro/configure.el. Frame is
	temporarily sized to height=24, so that prompt at bottom is
	guaranteed to be seen.

2001-12-13  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.10 beta
	Major cleanup of directory structure; files are much easier to
	find. Also, all files in the preferences directory can be deleted,
	as EMacro generates them.

	Fix for the new cua-mode name change
	Fixed sizing height for XEmacs in configure.el
	Fixed w32 to use default browser, and not require 'use-browser'
	Removed deprecated ver.el
	Added perl-man-func(), renamed make-perl-script() to perl-make-script()
	Added overview.html
	Reduced font size in preferences/x_custom.el

2001-11-25  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.9 beta
	Fixed use-login and some minor cleanup of configure.el.
	No longer requires you connect to net, to avoid bugs.
	Removed duplicate load of preferences in inet.el - frame height
	works again in Gnu Emacs v21.
	TODO: check URL for sql.el in e-sql.el
	Replaced use-sql-user with sql-user and use-sql-db-server with
	Added sql-host; better fits current versions of sql.el
	May have to deprecate sql-mode.el support
	Tiny-path support added. I'm sure this needs much testing.

2001-11-04  bruce ingalls  
	* v2.1.8 beta
	XEmacs Recent-files now at top of File menu
	Moved mmm-mode code from e-xml.el to programmer.el and cleaned it up
	Updated docs
	Removing EMacro code broken by JDE upgrades in e-java.el
	toggle-toolbar() now in the view menu of e-xemacs.el
	Dropped XEmacs ksh-mode support to sh-mode, for portability

2001-10-31  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.7 beta
	Removed font sizing code from Postload.el
	Added support for cua-mode
	Added mmm support for PHP and ASP (needs testing)
	ebackup.el support replaces ~/.backup code
	color-theme.el now supported via preferences.el
	XEmacs Recent-Files now a submenu of File
	Added w32 Emacs gnuservw support

2001-10-25  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.6 beta
	Now works for Emacs v21!
	I had to hack poweruser.el's auto-compression()
	New, simplified xemacs check in configure.el, whether to use alist or
	plist for frame size
	Fixed emacro-help() in functions.el
	Fixed browse-url support in inet.el, and added Galeon
	e-sql.el: removed msg, when sql-show-sqli-buffer() not available

	Bug fixes from Vishy:
	XEmacs supports gnuservw
	Cleaned nonmac comments out of configure.el, and clarified
	comments in other files
	sql.el now supports MS Sql Server, EMacro does, too.
	w32.el has better handling for ghostview. Probably can be improved.

2001-10-22  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.5 beta
	Undid conditional append of "/" from 2.1.3. Note that this is in
	both .emacs and emacro.el :(
	Fixed a few w32 emacs bugs
	Updated some URLs in docs; added Ruby to auto-mode-alist.

2001-08-26  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.4 beta
	ver.el is deprecated; old X/Emacs users no longer "supported"
	Tested with recent tiny-tools. XEmacs has problems with ":link" in 
	tinylpr and tinyurl
	Trimmed auto-mode-alist and auto-mode-interpreter-list, to remove
	duplicates of X/Emacs's files.el
	Rewrote dirname(), to replace an obsolete function
	The Mac Emacs port I use, does support which(). All code using
	which() has been pulled out of nonmac.el. This may break some Mac OS
	ports, so send feedback!
	I am deprecating all tinytools code. Current versions simply
	require 'tiny-setup.
	Added tinyload: faster startup thru delayed loading

2001-04-21  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.3 beta
	Now tested to work on XEmacs 21.4
	Restored having no "/" after use-home on w32 Emacs.

2001-03-01  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.2 beta
	Now conforms to standard elisp comments
	Removed unnecessary progn()s and obsolete comments
	Now supports most tiny-tools
	xemacs.el renamed to e-xemacs.el to avoid featurep() conflict.
	Started to roll Jan Borsodi's work into e-c.el

2001-02-13  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.1 beta
	Added mode-compile and awk support
	Fix for bad w32 xemacs v21.1.13 distribution: (require 'pp) workaround
	Fix for w32 not running oracle
	Child frames now open with same "use-height" as initial frame
	Trimmed comments from most *.el files
	Tramp support for remote files through SSH

2001-01-08  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.1.0 beta
	Now committing to odd middle number for beta releases.
	Added hooks to trap tiny-tools in compile and grep modes
	Tested again with minimal XEmacs distribution
	EMacro now prefers iswitchb to pcbufsw
	.js is now javascript.
	.jsp server-side JavaScript Page file extension has been changed to
	JDE java mode for Java Server Pages, in programmer.el, by default.
	function.el: Whitespace code is being replaced.
	w32.el:	more variables are set, to support shells like bash.
	Added ediff cleanup hook to xemacs.el. Should gnu.el get it, too?
	Fixed "iexplorer" to work on solaris.
	Modified Title Bar displays file or nonfile modes (*shell*,*grep*,etc)
	X Window users automagically get max height.
	Bug Fix: I now check that env vars are set before I use getenv()
	Turned on icomplete-mode. Is this in base xemacs?
	Added several interpreter-modes

2000-11-27  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4 release
	Moved SQL detection code from nonmac.el to configure.el
	Added links into doc/emacs.html
	Default windows browser is now supported, rather than PATH search.

2000-11-20  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4beta10
	Fixed Mac port bugs, and other small bugs.

2000-11-16  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4b9
	Fixed windows port bugs from the hasty beta 8 release.

2000-11-09  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4b8
	Fixed xml-mode. Basics- font-lock and indent now work.
	Nsgmls now recognizes DTD urls.
	Some annoyances need to be fixed by psgml maintainer.
	Programmer.el now supports several new modes by file extension
	Printing now works better.
	Separated caches for Emacs and XEmacs, so they can be used
	concurrently, even with different load-paths.

2000-11-05  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4b7
	install.bat now works.
	Added applescript to launch help menu in mac.el
	Changed Sawfish patch of extra offset from top of desktop.
	Sawfish versions < 0.32 are no longer broken.
	MS Windows now uses the default browser
	condition-case now exception handles that cygwin's 'ps' might not
	be installed on your MS Windows box.
	Fixed max-lisp-eval-depth from e-java.el into configure.el
	This caused w32 xemacs using scrollbar with mouse to crash
	Docs have been turned into html, with help from Vishy.

2000-09-15  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v2.0.4b4
	Refixed w32 xemacs "/" path separators.
	Messages now say that packages are optional, and what they are for.
	file-append() replaced by built-in append-file()
	EMacro now uses cache-locate-library(), which speeds up searching
	whole load-path for missing libraries. As a bonus, shows what
	EMacro detected.
	New URLs at the top of each file
	SQL clients now autodetected in PATH
	Default modeline changed. Old modeline in comments
	Rolled in Vishy's docs

2000-08-14  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0.4b3
	This version has been moved to
	Fixed indentation for XEmacs java/jde modes.
	Replaced format()s with concat() for speed.
	Added hack for sawfish desktop positioning
	Separated inet.el from poweruser.el
	Now runs faster on restart- sizing info is cached in
	Reworked jde-compile() out of nonmac.el, back into programmer
	.emacs is simply now a load-file(); people can now hack it to
	their content.
	Docs are moved from *.txt to emacs/docs/*.html files
	Code for programmers is broken up, and moved into
	Testing on MacOS was falling behind. Now works again.
	Tested with JDE 2.2.2
	Added Emacs Lisp Archive Entry.
	Moved hilit19 from gnu.el to ver.el
	Added Help menus
	Embedded RCS $Id: changelog.html,v 2003/10/25 21:10:52 ingo Exp $
	Shortcut prompts for sql and net support
	Fixed install shell script
	Trimmed some less-used functions from functions.el; however I now
	realize that I need to cut load-library()s to speed up EMacro.
	Added xml support code to e-xml.el. Untested code at bottom might
	not be GPL, and may get removed.

2000-07-27  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0.3
	Now supports beta GTk XEmacs
	Now reads MS Word files.
	Version stamps in each file
	Code now works with which.el v0.45
	Tested with XEmacs v21.1.11
	Had problems getting add-hook() to append functionality. Rewrote
	to lump everything into 1 add-hook per mode.
	Added release_procedures.txt
	Renamed cache.el to preferences.el
	Now supports qflib.el

2000-06-15  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0.1 release/bug fixes
	More testing on ms windows. sql support is more smooth.
	Fixed JDE support
	Added hippie-expand universal completion
	Added prompt for default printer

2000-06-06  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0 release. Down to about 4 bytecompile warnings.
	version.el rewritten. load-path.el added. Now automatically checks
	if libraries exist. Which() automatically searches for support
	programs like ghostscript. Japanese.el added. Cache.el added.
	Customizations now saved to customize.el. release_notes.txt and
	to_do.txt created.
	Tested for emacs -nw console mode.

2000-04-14  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0 beta. Centralized configuration in config.el. Renamed files;
	added emacs.html and local load paths.

	Replace almost every require and load-library with autoload,
	resulting in amazing speed increase.

	The only bytecompile warnings are in version.el

1999-12-28  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 2.0 alpha. Many more files; outline mode support; checkdoc checked;
	Internationalization; Palm support; code added from

	Fixed or suppressed many bytecompile warnings within EMacro
	Started implementing the guidelines of
	by running checkdoc() 
	and lm-verify() in lisp-mnt.el (bundled with emacs)

1999-11-14  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 1.3  Table of Contents, Mac support

1999-10-25  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 1.2 Smaller, manageable files; code from
	Emailed all authors to get GPL permission.

1999-9-1  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 1.11 Code cleanup: reduced compile warnings

1999-6-17  Bruce Ingalls  
	* v 1.1  Supports new XEmacs on MS Windows

1998-12-1  Bruce Ingalls  
	* emacs.html links are updated with each release.
	Changes to this file will not be logged.
	* v 1.0  Created

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