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WHAT'S NEW IN THIS RELEASE (see also Upgrades in Install.html)
These recent versions have been tested:

Gnu Emacs v21.2v20.6 or higher recommended
[Gnu] XEmacs v21.4. Mac OS XEmacs is not supported.
Beta GTk XEmacs had limited testing.
v21.1.9 or higher recommended

Note that XEmacs v21.4 changes ~/.emacs to ~/.xemacs/init.el
I recommend CUA mode for beginning Emacs (but not XEmacs) users, and the latest tiny-tools for everyone. Get them from One new feature is lazy loading, for faster startup.
JDEE is not as well supported as it could be. I welcome contributions; in the mean time, we will wait for the major changes in the current version to move from beta into production.

Annoyance Bugs

Newer web browsers have been released, since EMacro started supporting them. I need help from the community, in order to support new browsers, such as KDE's built-in browser.
Because browse-url under Emacs and XEmacs behaves differently, as well as a small bug, launching Netscape compatible browsers displays the message "Starting Netscape", even though it correctly launches Mozilla or Galeon. Email me, if this bothers you enough.

There is a bug in which.el v0.44; it won't run interactively under Gnu Emacs. EMacro uses which.el in compiled mode, so it works. Christoph Conrad, author of which.el, is aware of this problem.

XEmacs opens a buffer named "%f"

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