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John J. Glynn
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The Emacs wiki
This distribution includes

~/init.el		(rename to .emacs)

The remaining are in the ~/emacs directory:
COPYING			license and copyright permissions

bin/unix/e-compile	Shell script to bytecompile for Gnu Emacs
bin/unix/e-edit		Replaces ~bin/emacs link to start a fast emacsclient
bin/unix/e-install	Installation script (Gnu/Linux and compatibles)
bin/unix/e-refresh	Script to clear caches
bin/unix/e-xcompile	Shell script to bytecompile for X Emacs
bin/unix/e-xedit	Gnuclient script. Second xemacs start fast.

bin/w32/e-compile.bat	Batch file to bytecompile for Gnu Emacs
bin/w32/e-install.bat	Installation batch file
bin/w32/e-refresh.bat	Batch file to clear caches
bin/w32/e-xcompile.bat	Batch file to bytecompile for X Emacs
bin/w32/unix2dos.bat	Batch file to convert \n to \n\r (^J to ^M^J)

contrib/*		unmaintained, but helpful files

doc/credits.html	Who to thank for this package
doc/home.html		Documentation startup contents
doc/index.html		Documentation start frame
doc/manifest.html	This file
doc/nav.html		Navigation bar to all documentation
doc/overview		What EMacro is all about
doc/release_notes.html	Info about the latest version
doc/release_procedures.html	Quality check for developers
doc/resources.html	Where to get emacs packages (was emacs.html)
doc/solutions.html	Answers to your problems
doc/tips.html		Advice from Emacs gurus.
doc/to_do.html		Future ideas. Help is appreciated.
doc/images/emacro.jpg	EMacro logo
doc/images/emacs.jpg	Emacs Ring logo
doc/images/em_ico.png	EMacro icon
doc/images/sflogo.php.png	SourceForge credit logo

e-postload.el		!EDIT THIS! Put old .emacs here; loads after EMacro
e-preload.el		!EDIT THIS! Put old .emacs here; loads before EMacro

emacro/e-common.el	Routines for every Emacs and OS
emacro/e-config.el	Loads and starts other files; configures preferences.el
emacro/e-keys.el	Keyboard mappings for every Emacs and OS
emacro/e-linux.el	Routines for unix-like systems
emacro/e-mac-os.el	Emacs on classic Mac OS
emacro/e-macs.el	(FSF/Gnu) Emacs, every OS
emacro/e-net.el		Connects Emacs to Email, News, Web...
emacro/e-path.el	!EDIT THIS! Puts *.el libraries in search path
emacro/e-xemacs.el	XEmacs, every OS
emacro/e-functions.el	Unpackaged functions for every Emacs and OS
emacro/e-w32.el		MS Windows routines, Gnu and X Emacs
emacro/which.el		Find executables in $PATH environment

packages/readme.txt	Describes that directory, to download new packages to

programmer/e-c.el	C/C++ support
programmer/e-programmer.el	Programmer routines for every Emacs and OS

readme.html			HTML link to doc/index.html

preferences/e-xcustom.el	XEmacs `M-x customize` writes to this file

EMacro generates these files:
preferences/e-cache.el	Emacs list of all *.el libraries found
preferences/e-custom.el	Emacs `M-x customize` writes to this file
preferences/e-prefs.el	!EDIT THIS! Saves your personal settings here.
preferences/e-xcache.el	XEmacs list of all *.el libraries found

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